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tv   Headline News  RT  June 19, 2014 8:00pm-8:30pm EDT

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all right. thanks. just to. coming up on our t.v. in iraq government forces and isis clash in a crisis that's tearing apart the nation and today president obama laid out his plan for dealing with a growing conflict the latest just ahead and wiki leaks founder julian assange remains an airport doors in london embassy it's been two years since he was granted asylum in in long saga of legal troubles more on that and wiki leaks coming up. an international travelers are ecstatic at brazil's twenty fourteen world cup sports fans are still in high spirits even though the games are marred by street protests and a local social concerns more on this year's world cup later in the show. it's
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thursday june nineteenth eight pm in washington d.c. i'm manila chan you're watching r.t. america. the isis crisis continues as insurgents battled the government for control of iraq's largest oil refinery near to crete the ground near the baiji refinery became a battlefield as troops loyal to the shiite led government held off the isis militants who stormed the perimeter threatening national energy supplies this fight iraqi government calls for the u.s. to help ward off the insurgents with air strikes president obama announced his plans for the u.s. response in the afternoon following a meeting with his national security advisers. air strikes are not in the cards for now however the president says he'll be sending three hundred military advisors to
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assist air rocky forces in a security and intelligence capacity he is also working to secure the embassy in baghdad by relocating personnel and sending in reinforcements to protect u.s. facilities the president also said the u.s. will increase its intelligence and reconnaissance efforts to better understand isis the u.s. has already sent more naval ships into the region for an immediate response if necessary secretary of state john kerry will also be heading to the middle east to encourage a diplomatic plan that includes pushing iraq to form a more inclusive government obama tried to quell the fears of americans that another u.s. conflict in iraq is not on the horizon for american forces will not be returning to combat in iraq but we will help iraqis as they take the fight to terrorists who threaten the iraqi people the region and american interests as well. i was joined
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earlier today by a retired marine brigadier general david reste i first asked him if he thought the president took a strong enough approach towards iraq in his speech while putting america at ease take a listen. i think what the president needs to do and tried to do was to determine what the what iraq needs to look like say ten years from now and hopefully esteem is thinking long term in the us. as senator mccain has indicated there aren't any good options at this point in time and as you pointed out our country is a little war weary but we need to create some order out of the disorder because there are some critical elements in iraq that have global interest oil and the president made mention this from the energy side so we need to i think we need to calm down at this point in time we need to count down the your rhetoric the dialogue and get things inside the box and you know they wes is sending three hundred troops into the region as military and visors as they say these are not
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considered troops on the ground per se but what would happen if say they were they were shot at what would put these forces that put them into combat officially well that that combat per se term this is a slippery slope it's probably a her own concern to the administration president and those troops that are there and the iraqis also if shot at any u.s. soldier or marine airman sailor is going to under the rules of engagement he or she is going to be afforded the opportunity to protect themselves hopefully that situation won't come about but these are the dangers that need to be looked at and the long term impacts when u.s. forces are put in a position that things like this could happen and those things need to be thought through and you can what if this forever this is a tough tough position that secretary kerry said recently that the u.s.
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would consider using drones in iraq what are the implications of that. well the drones as we've seen in afghanistan. it's that in between phase of doing nothing and doing something heavy it gives us that standoff but the perception of the u.s. fighting with drones obviously the rest of the world looks at this especially the folks on the on the ground and the potential collateral damage can have impacts so when you target someone with a drone you hope and you want to make sure that you're getting the bad guys that doesn't always happen those collateral of facts can impact how we employ against target systems and we've got to be very careful on that then speaking of collateral damage doesn't that make our image to in the eyes of the rest of the world that
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much worse if we had so much collateral damage. it could and that's why when i started off saying how do we want iraq to look in ten years and that we it's not the united states that's iraq also and that's the rest of the world this is something hopefully where the u.s. is taking the lead to shape the environment here and us you bruce can't get in the way you're we can't get too far in front of that and we've got to lead without taking total control that's a that's a razor's edge to to work on both the u.s. has deployed navy vessels into the region already and could this be perceived in the eyes of the world as posturing do you think that. it could be it's also deterrence at its best that's why we have these forces those capabilities and that's the ideal use for is to be out there it's kind of like a bouncer at the door of our if there's no trouble the bouncer doesn't engage if
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there is trouble the bouncer engages and that's a nice signal to be able to send and that's why we have him ok so it's been over a decade now since we toppled saddam hussein's regime and we're hearing his name floating around again back in the media and many people both in iraq and those in the global community are saying that iraq was better off before the the u.s. led invasion back in two thousand and three what are your thoughts. you can't put the genie back in the bottle unfortunately bonilla. you've got to you've got to play with what you've got right now. anybody who was first that that's nice. that's a discussion it can that can't be won or lost it's just a discussion i'd stay away from that and just let's deal with what we have right now let's look at the strategy for what and stay we want to create as a nation with iraq with its neighbors and let's try for about that was a very balanced answer sara thank you so much that was retired brigadier general
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david reste he's also the vice president of strategy and planning at the potomac institute and today marks the two year anniversary since wiki leaks founder julian assange has been holed up at the ecuadorian embassy in london the forty two year old australian sought refuge at the embassy to avoid extradition to sweden for a four year old sexual assault claim against him a claim that a songe vehemently refutes artie's poly boyko is in london with more. that's house of one of the world's most famous department stores and there's always a policeman nearby and not worried about shoplifters but the perpetual presence of one man inside that building is to you is since june in a sauna refuge in london's ecuadorian embassy inside a boston plouffe not in this red brick mansion in that time but when he editor in chief has still managed to run for the australian fennec and become the subject of
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a hollywood film he's also had to shadow a title of the world's most famous whistle blowing off the n.s.a. contractor edward snowden revealed details of mass government surveillance programs last year two years inside the building for a songe also means two years to come outside it for the london's metropolitan police the bill for god things that door and takes us on should ever image is something like eleven thousand pounds a day the ecuadorian ambassador admits his nonpaying tenant is suffering but we didn't want to give assurances that whistleblower won't be extradited to the u.s. if he travels to stop home for questioning allegations of sexual assault which means the ecuadorian ambassador isn't ruling out the possibility his unlikely houseguest could be rustling around inside the building for the rest of his life reporting from london i'm pretty boys here. and to talk more about
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a saunders legal battle and the future of wiki leaks i was joined earlier by wiki leaks spokesman kristinn hrafnsson i first ask him where wiki leaks stands today. well i mean despite all the difficulties that julian has to endure and the difficult situation is me under and and the rest of the stuff. let's not forget that there is still an ongoing far reaching in. attempt to find a case against which leaves here in the united states we have been able to continue our work and actually strengthening our core base with building the. document base into a shirt and. driven database with more than eight million documents and secrets so we have we have been building up our base and they're looking are looking towards the future we have not given up now as you say that you're building up your base we've actually noted that over the past few years we've seen the rise
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of other whistleblower support organizations and edward snowden took his n.s.a. leaks directly to journalists has your organization had to rethink its approach as far as getting whistleblowers to come to you instead of directly to the press themselves. well i mean we have. of course we always are rethinking their injuries and adapting to new realities but we are still welcoming whistleblowers to approach us and and the information that we can publish. to the general public. we are ready to do that we have an ongoing cooperation agreement with probably under twenty or thirty media organizations that we can. basically put into work whenever things. come our way just as we did today with the release of on board documents now what
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is the benefit for them to go to wiki leaks versus going directly to media sources . well the benefit is that we are totally committed to. to secure their only mittie if they so desire. and we have a very good record with no we have never done anything that has revealed our source and that is the security that we can offer whistleblowers something that is of course very important and of course the the network of. media outlets that we are cooperating with something of an asset and we have. a platform for that where we can get the information. in in a tactical manner platform and tactics that others might not have and you feel that
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your audience base is still there then. oh absolutely i mean we do have huge support and people understand what we are doing we have course i've been moving on to other fields very importantly we are committed to the course of protecting whistleblowers and encouraging whistleblowers only last week we had of course a hand in the creation of the courage foundation. which is based in berlin foundation that is helping edward snowden and supporting him but now will be expanded and will be ready to assist future whistleblowers when mr paul would and needs immediate action mr snowden did a little over a year ago now speaking of support let's talk about julian assange szell self do you feel that the world will ever see mr a songe way with the ecuadorian embassy a free man. of course i mean because it's becoming extremely so shameful for all
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the parties and world this is tarnish the image of sweden and the way the swedish government has behaved in this towards mr rose arms there's been an absolute willingness on all party to find a solution to the this push it should but the swedish government has not given an inch and. that there is some spurious motives behind the way that they are behaving it is obviously not a concern for the human rights of julius runs his rights are violated is evident by the testimony. of the fifty nine organizations that now have submitted to the united nations. view that he is. his human rights are violated by this situation is in. that was mr crist in her office and spokesman for wiki leaks and ukrainian president petro
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poroshenko announced a plan to end the violence in eastern ukraine he promised a unilateral cease fire after discussions with german and russian leaders the kremlin says that russian president vladimir putin discussed the possible ceasefire in a phone conversation with pora shango late tuesday night he also discussed his peace plan with german chancellor angela merkel if they can come to an agreement this could be a major development in bringing peace to the region r.t. is roman kosar of has more on the fighting that continues while peace talks are underway. fire resumed this morning and one man actually died as a result of that fire he was near a christian orthodox church which was partially destroyed now in terms of us live ask itself well the city is slowly but surely turning into somewhat of a ghost town and continued to shelling for the last few weeks have left to the
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citizens without water supply without access to supply or even the food in some instances still proclaimed. republica officials are claiming that they are heading for humanitarian catastrophe you can see empty shelves in stores you can see people lining up for water nearly all the hospitals are closed most of them please are simply not there finding refuge somewhere else plus ambulances have no fuel that was artie's roman kosar of and the city of albuquerque new mexico must pay six million dollars for the wrongful death of christopher torres who suffered from schizophrenia when he was killed by police in two thousand and eleven torres was shot in the back by albuquerque p.d. while they were serving arrest warrant state district judge shannon bacon rejected the claims that the officers were acting in self-defense and saying instead that they escalated the situation by not making an adequate in paree into the facts
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behind the warrant to talk about the controversy surrounding the albuquerque police department i was joined earlier by civil rights attorney shannon kennedy i first asked her if she believed that the judge's decision in the tourist case was fair. absolutely judge. heard over a week's worth of testimony and found that the shooting officer in that case was not credible. and there have been actually from what i read thirty seven police shootings in albuquerque in just the past four years and twenty three of which were actually fatal obviously the police have to protect themselves and we're aware of that but with these kinds of numbers it's a little disturbing it would appear that the forces maybe rather a little trigger happy is a problem in training is this just a tough beat for cops know the city of albuquerque is not a tough beat for cops it's just the officers here have not been trained in
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deescalation techniques wouldn't carry encountering people who are suffering from mental illness in addition to that they were trained in what's called a reactive control model which teaches them to react and to escalate instead of to deescalate encounters with people suffering from mental illness they also are working within a system that allows them to cover up their crimes so for instance in the tourist case it was clear that he had been shot in the back and that was the physical evidence and yet they continue to claim that he had acted in self-defense when that was false in so the city of albuquerque police officers for the last four to five years have committed a number of killings and no one has held them responsible and it isn't the city are the citizens of albuquerque outraged by this case. yes they are outraged by this caged and many other cases there's a group of the families who have lost their loved ones including a number of children who have been orphaned by these unlawful shootings and so
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there have been protests in the street literally colleen for reforms within the police department now speaking those other cases you represented the family of kenneth ellis the third who was an iraqi war veteran who was killed in two thousand and ten during a police standoff and in that case the city actually settled for nearly eight million dollars and the city has a massive amount of money that they've been paying out involving all of these different allegations of police misconduct over the past few years are the citizens upset about what i assume are tax dollars that are being spent on these settlements well jurors that found that kind of ellis had been wrongfully killed and that his son who was five years old at the time would grow up without his father i'm awarded more than ten million dollars i mean after another year of litigating that paid for approximately eight million dollars but the citizens want to see investments in
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reforms so that there are fewer shootings now let's take a look at this video of the events that led to the death of james boyd a homeless man who faced off with the police because he was illegally camping in the sandia foothills in new mexico and you called this a game changer in how the city has responded to the use of excessive force tell us why. this is a game changer because the city was caught lying because there was a helmet cam video showing that at the time that james now can you believe was shot and had his back to the shooting officers moments after the video was released there was a press conference in which the chief of police said that the shooting was justified and people were outraged because it was so clear that at the time i was you know he was no threat to me right now and that is sitting in our group officers on. the porch after they shot him in the back they released
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a dog on to him and they shot him with big devices and then they let him bleed out for over forty minutes when he was finally taken to the emergency room his arm had to be amputated and he died but on the video you can hear him. in a very labored manner and to render emergency medical care and so he died it's the kind of thing that just. such a just it's just sickening and it's so tragic and as a result of that video to be here finally came down to the homeless shelter where james matthew goit had resided and he has pledged now to spend money to help the homeless people living within albuquerque instead of criminalizing their mental illness it appears and i says this is more of a issue with the police station rather than the homeless people themselves want to get back with you again another day to further discuss this that thank you so much
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for that shannon kennedy civil rights attorney in new mexico thank you. all day ate at the world cup in brazil the most recent matches between japan and greece ended on a tie as both teams failed to score a single goal but the excitement in brazil so runs high for more on the latest at the world cup action our team is nicholas o'donovan reports. copacabana rio de janeiro brazil the world cup it just doesn't get any better than this the football fans actually this is ground zero for football fans around the world thousands and thousands of them here in brazil even if they don't have a take it to see it and they're here to live the experience the live the party surrounded go out. walking up and down copacabana one can see flags and colors practically every country in the well many of these fanatics belong to countries that haven't even qualified for the world cup others the argentinians are here by
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the tens of thousands and despite some clashes with local and chilean fans the truth is that the vast majority of here only for the fun. then there's a mexican that has invaded brazil actually and they came again just because they were nearly as many mexicans in the stands as they were brazilians others that are here in massive numbers are obviously the brits and americans are starting to get the hang of it as well some call it football others call it soccer but the truth is that they're all love in the brazilian next celebrating pie and me never for round about having a great time when a bunch of them are more insane it's a circus as you can see as mayor seem a force for this massive concentration of people requires an enormous display of
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security and the truth is that the police presence is constant so fans fail pretty safe down here there has been some protests in rio de janeiro and just on wednesday thousands rallied in sao paolo the tourists were very aware of the situation here but they say that once they arrived in brazil they were happily surprised fantastic forget all of the negative press i had before right then everybody from the well. it's coming to get off shane and off november spanx and have a great time lots of smiles not to join so the world cup goes all the end of the day here in copacabana victory is celebrated with joy and defeat well defeat is just a bit sweeter when you have. rio de janeiro. and before we go don't forget to tune in for politicking with larry king tonight's guest is conservative political commentator ben shapiro here's some
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of what's ahead. on the right is there so much hostility in the series yes could this president because he's the most extreme president we've ever had is that racist absolutely not absolutely not why in the world would it why why in the world would it be racist what what exactly is racist about calling out his policies there's no there is well what was done was such for example there's a part of the right as some in the tea party that make him think that he's sitting there deliberately against the united states like ok i'm opposed to my own country as of the other so i think that he has interests that are opposed to certain aspects of america just just like any with the definition or you say any prism no that i know i think that he's different in this way i think that his ideology motivates him to be to scale back on america's role in the world by the way i say i think the same thing about hillary clinton i think there are plenty of people on the left who feel that america has had a much too muscular role in the world and would like to see america cut down to size and whittle down the size and they'd like to see it as one member of the
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family of nations as opposed to the leading member on the world stage so in that way president obama is significantly more extreme even than bill clinton. so tune in at nine pm tonight right here on r.t. america well that does it for now for more on the stories that we just covered go to youtube dot com forward slash r t america and check out our website our team dot com for slash usa you can also follow me on twitter at manila chan for now have a great night. on america the financial world. i mean i'm going to be taking. you live there.
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to us there are sixteen states that have laws that outlaw law is in political lead you know how corporations can be sued for making false claims in their ads well so can people who make false claims in political ads at least in these sixteen states but apparently the supreme court things that not being able to say whatever the hell you want about a candidate whether it's true or not in a big giant as it is violating people's free speech they just ruled that a group could go ahead and challenge the no lying law in ohio you see the group known as the susan b. anthony list ran ads against a candidate that weren't exactly true and that candidate was going to challenge them to the no lying wall so the not exactly true ad didn't run and that made the
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group very angry so they went ahead and challenge the no line laws because they'd like to continue lying about politicians in the upcoming election and not get in trouble for it lower courts throughout their challenge but now the supreme court just said that the group can go ahead and challenge the no line law after the ruling the president of the group was thrilled she actually was quoted as saying the truth or falsity of political speech should be judged by voters in other words she thinks the onus of truth is on the people who see the ads not on the people who make them which is ludicrous either something. is true or that you shouldn't be allowed to lie in about candidates who are running to represent us you can't lie that you're stupid product cures cancer or makes you look twenty million years you
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certainly shouldn't be able to lie about a candidate who could potentially make huge decisions affecting all of our lives but apparently our supreme court thinks otherwise in his ruling justice clarence thomas says that having to prove truths in athens would put a hardship on advertisers and might make them refrain from free speech the court also warns that these no lying laws have a chilling effect on free speech and that they could impose serious burdens on the like total ph yes god forbid we hold political advertisers to the high burden of checking their acts before spewing out their garbage to the whole world what i mean would be man our supreme court has become a joke when it comes to political campaigning our justice isn't.


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